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JEE EXPERT is An Institute formed by group of Expert teachers having Vast Experience in the field of IITJEE Training. The faculties at JEE EXPERT have been the Key members of Various National Level Organizations, in Past. Inspired by the Principle of "Children must be Taught how to Think, not what to Think." JEE EXPERT is formed with a Mission to change the way of thinking by any student. No education is of worth if it cannot develop the way of logical thinking and ability to develop the skills by which one can apply his/her learning


We believe that every student has some unique abilities and skills. The role of an ideal coach is to find the hidden talent of student and strengthen him/her with all possible tools so that he/she can realize his/her goal. Our mission is to make student realize his/her goal.


To become World’s largest platform for Serious & Passionate Educators & Aspirants.